It’s been a long time….

This. This is what I am currently in rehearsals for with Drayton Entertainment, with the fearless David Connolly at the wheel. I realized this afternoon that I hadn’t updated my website in a really long time. And when I finally remembered what the password was to my WordPress account, I found out that it has been since 2013. That is almost 4 years ago. Whew. So much has happened, and most everyone knows by now… But now I am embarking on a full season of work, and that is very exciting. We open in 9 days, and this show… this show is charming and fall-in-love worthy of you coming to see it. (shameless plug, the ticket link is in the ‘upcoming events’ section of my site!) And then I’m off to Port Hope for both My Fair Lady and Beauty & The Beast!!! My cup is full and my heart is full.

Anyhoodle, tomorrow is a long day, and I should rest, but now that I’m back, I promise to write more! And add more fun pics!!