Another show, another set!

So friends, I am the new queen of reality-based reenactment television! I booked another show, this time, no aliens *sad face*. But tons of crazy! I play the mother of a pregnant 17 year old who… No wait, no spoilers!!
Here’s a few pics from set…..
The set!

Me, looking like a Midwest mom!

There are chickens roaming free all over set…

In fact, there is a whole coop!

And fake cop cars… Intrigued?

And finally, the episode’s villain, in her fat-suit. I wish I could just take mine off when I was done with it!! Hahaha


My day on set!!

Hi there!!

So much has been going on… audition wise… And I finally booked something! An episode of a tv show! Close Encounters. A reality-based reenactment show. I was Erma Johnson, a kansas farmers wife, whose son finds something behind the barn. No jokes, you can actually google this family and read their story…. funny stuff.


I love being on set. Even though it sometimes means getting up at four to get to the set, the world is sometimes really nice at 5am.



It’s a lot of hanging out and cameras everywhere, there are a ton of cute boys with rolls of duct tape hanging off of make-shift rope belts, and holding boom mics.



And being in hair and makeup makes me feel like a rockstar. Even if it is in some barn.


Our director was really fun, kept having little dance parties in between shots. However, it was very very cold. And I was wearing a sundress. So, we would shoot something and then they would call ‘Cut, print, moving on’ and then yell: “Warm up the actors” and over would run people with big fuzzy blankets. It was awesome!



I can’t figure out how to make that right side up, so just crook your neck. Hahahah.

Of course, they have to CGI in all the UFO stuff post-production, so, we spent the day being afraid of the sky with suitably scared looks on our faces. It will air in a year!!!

I have also just had my solo cabaret. It went swimmingly well, if I do say so myself. I managed to get through the show with my voice intact…. something I was pretty stressed out about. I had had a couple bad rehearsals, and it left me feeling like I had taken on too much. Not a great feeling to have. But all the stress was for naught. Everyone has said that they had a great time, and for that I am happy. I’m proud of myself. I’m happy to have stood on that stage and sang my heart out, something I questioned would even be a possibility at this time last year. But here I am. And I am ready world…